Monday, September 20, 2010


When a young man from a provincial town in Patagonia inherits his estranged father’s pay-by-the-hour love hotel in Buenos Aires he descends into an unexpected world of sexual perversion, petty crime and loneliness. All boundaries fade away when he starts spying on the clientele of high flying sex addicts, plastic surgeons and cheating couples. In this sultry atmosphere of continuous seduction he desperately grasps for the authenticity of the world he knows. But can he escape the vortex he’s plunged into?

BUENOS AIRES: LOVE BY THE HOUR by Han De Looper and Simon Kofoed is an exciting insight into the world of an Argentine pay-by-the-hour love hotel, and the adventures of its owner and its clientele. These hotels, known as ‘telos’ in Argentina, are commonplace in Buenos Aires and reflect the county’s non taboo attitude towards sex. Han de Looper and Simon Kofoed collaborated to bring together this piece, which is aimed at a male version of the ‘chick lit’ market. It is comprised of individual and linked stories and paints a colourful, realistic, and sometimes shockingly explicit picture that would be of interest to young open-minded and explorative readers.

Most recently, the novela's Barn Room Chapter was published in Issue 109: The International Issue of The Erotic Review Magazine.

For further information about BUENOS AIRES: LOVE BY THE HOUR, please contact Han and Simon at

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