Thursday, August 18, 2011

BA Cast - Mandatory vs. Voluntary Vote

I was recently invited by Daniel Karlin and Fernando Farías from BA Cast - The Buenos Aires Podcast to participate in a chamullo on whether voting ought to be Mandatory or Voluntary.

Click here to listen to Season Two, Episode Six: Mandatory vs. Voluntary Vote.

BA Cast is a podcast about Buenos Aires, which deals with, among other subjects, cultural issues, society, travel and politics; all done with a rather humorous undertone. Hosted by Dan and Fernando, weekly episodes come out each Thursday at


  1. Share your views here: voting should not be mandatory.

    Rather, only those that have at least a basic idea of how the political system of their country works and who are 18 or whatever should have the right to vote.

    In my native Finland, a number of so called celebrities whose mental qualities, in my opinion, frequently give little reason to celebrate them, are frequently voted to parliament. Such populistic tendencies devalue the parliamentary system and place more power in the hands of those that know better how to use it - the government, civil service etc.

  2. I must say I think in countries with a long history of life under non democratic governments mandatory voting is a necessary tool to ensure people participate so for me people should be made to have their say. Though I do agree some peoples votes do not represent their true opinion (maybe because they dont have an opinion) I still think it's preferable to the possibility of a very small proportion of the population having a say.

  3. Voluntary every day of the week. I don't want anyone forcing me to have an opinion on anything. It's for me to decide what I want to spend my time thinking about and if I don't care a tit about present day politics then that's MY choice

  4. Voluntary, here in the US the government already sticks its nose in our lives too much

  5. Depends on the country..In Argentina I think mandatory voting is the only way to make sure everyone's will is represented even though I agree many voters don't have a will and just pick whatever name they like the look of

  6. In some cases, an educated decision not to vote IS a vote.