Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1000s of teenagers in a park high on pollen

So much for no mischief. Yesterday’s Spring Day’s festivities were left overcast by not only the cloudy skies, but the out-of-control impish behaviour of many of the park going teenagers.

There were no incidents of hospitalisation for pollen induced illnesses, but at least seventy-four were left injured after fighting, stabbing and alcohol poisoning put a real dampener on the day.

From the Bosques de Palermo, Buenos Aires’ largest park, images of sometimes nasty and riotous behaviour flooded the evening news with teenagers giving accounts of their injuries. Several split-opened heads after silly scraps, and a stabbing after students defended themselves against good-for-nothing thieves who looked to take advantage of the large crowds.

‘The underlying issue is alcohol. And local kiosks selling alcohol to underage children,’ stated one television pundit as he analysed the situation.

Activities had begun in the park at 1pm with the announcement ‘Welcome Spring: Enjoy it without alcohol.’

But that wasn’t enough to dissuade many from seeking intoxicating entertainment. There were reports of arrests for marijuana and cocaine pocession. And one teenage girl was rushed to hospital after she slipped into an alcoholic coma. Her sad image being stretchered into an ambulance, her eyes rolling backwards and her head flopped to the side, is one her parents will no doubt cherish for many years to come.


  1. kids collapsing on the streets and partaking in loutish drunken does ring a bell...

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